Art is a Universal Language.

Universal Art is a concept app. Take a look at the key functionalities.
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Discovering art from a new way. Specially build for museums and art galleries, the app is designed as a digital companion. Say goodbye to the old school (and boring) audio guide.


Art should be for everyone. The app proposes new ways of interacting for all visitors. Exploring modes are available for Deaf/Hard of hearing and Blind/Partially Sighted individuals.


Smart detection

The application includes NFC technology for automated detection. Maps, ticketing and sharing functionnalities are also provided. No complicated interface. Just the content.

Audio & Video Guide

Audio commentary is automatically launched after each work detection. The audio player features a clean and minimal interface with subtitles. A video version is activated if the Visio Mode is running, specially build for deaf/partially hearing individuals.


Video description

The app features a dedicated mode for blind/partially sighted individuals. Each part of the artwork is described by content buttons which can be activated by touch + vibrate facility, giving the opportunity to the visitor to "read" the canvas.

Swipe navigation from anywhere in the app. Quick access to each main part